October 9, 2020
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3 Oils to Support the Congested Child

I remember the autumn night in 1998 when our firstborn came down with his first bug. Listening to him struggling to breathe through congested airways ripped my heart out. He was so miserable and I felt there was nothing I could do! Feeling utterly helpless, I clearly recall sitting in our loft area, at 11pm, panicked as I waited for advice from the after hours nurse hotline. 

Looking back, I’m thankful over the last 22 years, I’ve matured into a much more calm veteran mom. Thank you, Lord! I realize stuffy noses are part of life, but at the time I felt powerless and unprepared. I wanted to protect and save my little one from anything that would cause him pain or discomfort. Knowing many moms go through much worse than seasonal bugs makes my heart so heavy. Because of this concern, I’m willing to offer support, whether it’s as simple as providing a roller bottle of oils or a word of encouragement. Hopefully in the process I can provide an ounce of relief from the misery and bring a bit of joy despite the hardship. 

This morning, I received a concerned text message from a sweet new mom. Her little one woke up congested feeling a bit under the weather. It’s inevitable, at some point in time we all catch our first bug and he’d caught one. Catching seasonal bugs is part of life with little ones. They’re curious. They learn through touching and placing items in their mouth. My younger momma friend felt like this is what could have happened. He may have touched something and then put his hands in his mouth and was exposed to the bug.

I’m passionate about empowering moms and reassuring them! No worries I told her, his best immune support comes from her breast milk. I also offered to make up a roller bottle diluted specifically for him and his age.

Following recommendations from one of my most trusted evidence based resources, I made her a HEALTHY KIDDO roller bottle with Tea Tree, Lemon* and Lavender essential oils. It is recommended to apply every 30 minutes to the back and chest for the first 4 hours. Then apply once every two hours until symptoms are reduced. 

Why do we use these specific oils? 

Lemon* Essential Oil is immune supportive, reduces effects of congestion or stuffy nose, supports healthy temperature levels, and aids in detoxification.

Tea Tree Essential Oil offers immune support when one is exposed to seasonal threats. In vitro studies concluded that tea tree oil significantly reduced bug replication when administered within two hours of exposure.

Lavender Essential Oil supports a healthy inflammatory response, supports the immune system, supports healthy temperature levels, and is very calming. 

I love how this simple and affordable combo works so quickly and effectively!

Within a couple hours, I received the following message from her…

“Since I put the roller on him, he can actually breathe now and it doesn’t sound like he’s struggling anymore! Also, his runny nose stopped! Thank you so much! And I could tell he felt relief when I put it on his chest and back! He would be fussy and as soon as I rolled it on, he just lay there relaxed.”

I’m so thankful we have these natural remedies to support and restore health and wellness!

This combo of oils is super effective AND affordable! This trio of oils has multiple uses beyond this protocol. You can use these oils for everything from cleaning your home to cooking! So many options! To purchase this combo, click here. Interested in getting your own wholesale account and SAVING AN ADDITIONAL 25% off all your doTERRA purchases for a year, check out this link! PLUS you’ll get an incredible WELCOME BOX from me filled with all you need to begin your essential oil journey!

If you have a little one (or a big one) and would be interested in learning ways you can feel empowered to care for your family naturally, I’d be happy to have a chat. If you’d like to receive a mini roller sample to try, let me know by filling out this form. I’d be happy to send a complimentary gift to you!

*Citrus oils are photosensitive, so use caution and avoid sun exposure for at least 12-24 hours after application especially with young children.

Be Brave.

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