Hey There

I’m so happy to meet you!

Welcome! Grab a cup of coffee and settle in! I’m Kimberly Wallace and I’m Braveheart!

You might have wondered why Braveheart? Well, if you’re a history or a movie buff, you know. I married a Wallace. I’m from Washington State, but now live in Southern California with the love of my life, Michael. Mikey and I go WAY BACK to the 80’s! I met him when I was mixed up, broken, 21 year old, who repeatedly said, “I’ve combed the state and there’s no one for me,” and then, when I least expected to find someone he found me. When I met him, I whispered to my college roommate, “He’s my type, but way too young.” Now, I must confess, my type meant… he’s cute, he has blue eyes, and his ears are tucked close to the head. I laugh when gals give a long laundry list of what they’re looking for in a guy! Times have changed! God knew we’d be good together!

Mikey said he knew right away I was the one! Shortly after we met, he showed up one dark, rainy night with a rice cooker in hand and every type of Furikake imaginable. We danced to Phil Collins, “Groovy Kind of Love,” and I knew he was a keeper. A diverse food palate and good music… swoon! Now 30+ years later we’re still going strong.

These days we’re both in Oil. He’s a science nerd, passionate about charts, graphs, and data working in petroleum. I’m a nature loving, homeschooling, garden growing, romantic free-spirit who dances to the beat of my own drummer dousing my family with essential oils. We realized our differences are complements. We balance each other out. He’s the rock and voice of reason. I’m the laughs and giggles! Our story is one of love, commitment, and steadfastness. After all these years, I still melt when he looks at me with his blue eyes and tells me he loves me, quickly followed by, “Are those kids still here?” HaHa! Oh my! The kids are ALWAYS here!

Speaking of kids, we have three. Braeden (22), Jaron (19), and Arabella (17). Oh, and Baby Buck our Shepherd Mix. I’d like to think we’re a pretty extraordinary crew, not because of huge accomplishments, but because we struggled and persevered against the odds. AND we really dig each other. My kids are each other’s best friends. I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do than spend time with my people. I’m 27 years married and that’s pretty extraordinary these days. I’ve homeschooled the last 17 years and LOVED IT! I’ve never tired of being with my kids. I’ve had my days, don’t get me wrong, like the day with the bowl, but that’s another story. The good days always outweigh the bad- all the time!

In these last 17 years, I’ve graduated our boys from homeschooling. Braeden is now in Fire Academy pursuing a career as a paramedic and Jaron is in college to be an engineer. Arabella (Ari) is still homeschooling with one year left.

By now, you may be wondering if this is a website about essential oils or what? It’s a little about essential oils, but a lot about life, because the events of life brought me to oils. And for that I’m eternally grateful. My life has taken so many detours, but I’ve learned my plans are not God’s plans. See, I started out adulthood as an elementary school teacher. Then I fell into an 11 year real estate career which REALLY helped out when we found out we struggled with the heartbreak of infertility and had to go through multiple, expensive IVF procedures. After the boys were born and 10 years of infertility, I sought alternative remedies (love these alternative options!) for endometriosis. After about 10 visits with an acupressurist, I found out I was pregnant with Arabella. Her name means “Answered Prayer” and she definitely is!

After Ari was born, I walked away from real estate sales. I was struggling with post-partum blues and anxious feelings. My heart wanted to be home full time with my kiddos. To make ends meet, I learned how to sell on ebay and taught at homeschool campuses. Then out of the blue, my passion for natural living + need for a steady income + desire to stay home all collided and today my oil biz has allowed me to stay home with substantial financial provision. I trust God had it all planned out ahead of time! Only He could orchestrate such a story of twists, turns, tears, struggles, and success!

I love homeschooling so much, I’ve opened our home up to a group of elementary kiddos called Wildflowers. We cook, bake, garden, read, craft, and learn together. Here, kids are encouraged to be kids. It’s so simple, yet so joy-filled! I also teach weekly online cooking classes for kids. It took a virus to launch this venture, but once again, it’s a God thing! So many families are enjoying Friday night dinner made by kiddos. Wow! If you’d like more info on our online classes, drop me a message!

So hidden in essential oils is a site about putting God and family first and watching how the pieces of life’s puzzle fall into place. This blog is about having quality relationships with your kiddos and those closest to you. It’s about friendships and being known. It’s about serving God and serving others. It’s about embracing your role as parent and loving your children because they’re the best gift you’ve ever received. It’s about seeing the world through the eyes of a child. It’s about looking after orphans and widows. It’s about good food and gathering around the table. It’s about cherishing nature and the gifts of the earth God has given us to care for our health. It’s about being good stewards of our planet. You see, this isn’t just a place where you’re going to learn about essential oils. I’m also going to encourage you to slow down, gather your people, and pause. You’re going to be encouraged to cherish moments, appreciate what you’ve been given (the good and the bad), while chasing each day with courage and bravery in a challenging world.

If you’re a momma who can relate and you’re looking for a community of strong, sturdy, brave women who rethink everything from the way we approach healthcare to the way we educate our children to the way we provide financially for our family, you’re in the right place! You can trust I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been an entrepreneur and homeschooling momma caring for our family naturally for decades.

Thank you for joining us and BEING BRAVE!