mother with her baby son using tissues to wipe his runny nose

Natural Remedy for Supporting Your Child’s Respiratory Health

Fall is around the corner and along with the cooling temperatures come pumpkin lattes, crisp mornings, and potentially seasonal threats. We’re heading into that time of year when our littles get the sniffles and snuffles. As a parent, I know […]

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She’s A Simple: My 7 years in Direct Marketing

I really thought one day I’d sparkle like a diamond… like a dōTERRA Diamond. When you take the leap into the world of direct sales you hear story after story of rags to riches accounts. Single mom, living in a […]

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Pasta Puttanesca: Oregano & Black Pepper Essential Oils

The late 80s. Big hair and big city cafes playing smooth jazz. Servers zig zagging carrying pasta filled dishes while trying not to slip on tile floors. During this time, I worked in a trendy, quaint restaurant in downtown Seattle. […]

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