September 29, 2020

Braveheart Giving: Beginnings

In 2006, I spent days tidying up our home in rural Washington State for a handful of very special visitors. I wanted our home to be absolutely spotless and presentable, but it was quite a task with three young homeschooled children. There were books, papers, toys, and sports equipment strewn about. I felt the need to find a place to hide it all. I wanted to shower a group of 5 boys and their chaperone with our best which included a clean home, wonderful food, and all the love and attention I could share in a couple days. All the details mattered.

Thinking back, many wondered why I so eagerly jumped at the chance to host this group. I didn’t know anything about them except for one important detail. They had all lost their parents. They were orphans and I had a heart for children.

They showed up with a backpack. All their earthly possessions fit in ONE small backpack.

It was humbling.

I had spent days organizing our accumulations and they had so little.

But they had JOY.

Unexplainable JOY.

Spending a few days with these kids changed my life.

In a sense, it was a new beginning.

When I decided to expand my love for oils and build an essential oil business, one of the things that drew me to dōTERRA over other companies was the mission of compassion. dōTERRA is a company with heart and I resonated with their mission to seek out the least of these and help the most while providing the best.

I have a strong sense about giving a hand up rather than a hand out, and that’s what dōTERRA does. When looking at other essential oil companies, what is it that sets dōTERRA apart? They are a young (founded in 2008) billion dollar company that could easily buy their own land, but instead they choose to partner with small scale farmers in some of the poorest countries across the globe. Together we source from premier locations for each oil, and in the process we lift people out of poverty by paying them a guaranteed fair market price.

Simply put, we source the best and help the most.

Does it make the most economic sense?


Does it cost a little more to do it this way?


Is the benefit of providing a better life for millions around the globe worth it?

Most definitely!

Instead of paying a handful of farmers to supply our oils, dōTERRA partners directly with mom and pop farmers providing over 300,000 jobs. Our sourcing effort impacts 1,652,525 people!

Emily Wright, one of dōTERRA’s executives said, “Two-thirds of the countries we source from are not considered developing countries. We have an opportunity to make a difference to provide sustainable income to those who are growing, harvesting, and distilling these beautiful oils for our benefit.”

When you live with a heart full of compassion you look for opportunities to make a difference. dōTERRA makes a difference not just in our home, but in homes around the world.

And dōTERRA is also a company made up of people who LOVE to give! After only 10 years since its start, dōTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation has surpassed $30 million in global giving and donations. Much of this money is raised by dōTERRA customers and Wellness Advocates who donate when ordering monthly. Isn’t that incredible! Small donations really do add up to BIG THINGS!

I love giving! My kids tell me it’s my dope. LOL! If you ask my husband, he may tell you I do many things that don’t make sense logically or financially, but they make sense to the heart. He’s been known to mention, “You’d have a lot of money if you’d stop giving it away.” HAHA!

This is one of the many reasons I partnered with doTERRA. I have a heart to give a hand up. As my business has grown, I’ve been able to help in ways I never dreamed possible. I will begin sharing stories in this section of BRAVEHEART GIVING of how my business has allowed us to pour into the lives of folks, locally and globally. This fuels me to continue sharing these amazing products!

Above, I shared a photo of five boys and their chaperone we met in 2006. I never thought I’d see them again, but thanks to this business, I was able to travel to Uganda to be reunited. The boys are now men, and many of them call me mom or aunt. Our story continues and I look forward to share more in the future.

Does the idea of providing for the least of these resonate with your heart? If so, I’d love to chat. As Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do little; Together we can do so much.” There is much to be done, but one person, one gift at a time will grow exponentially in days, months and years to come.

Are you already working with an essential oil educator? Would you be interested in giving these amazing oils a try? Let me know! I’d be happy to send an introductory, FREE sample package to you! Simply fill out this form and I’ll get your samples out in the mail! Are you ready to get started on your wellness journey? Visit our online store.

When I use our oils to support health and wellness, I think of farmers in remote countries who benefit from our continued purchases. It’s a win-win. They have a customer for life, and we have amazing products to support quality of life!

If you are interested in partnering with some of the projects I’m working on, I’ll be sharing more soon! Stay tuned!!

Until then,


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