April 13, 2020
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It takes time- The Artichoke

Yesterday I served freshly picked artichokes with our Easter dinner. In the photo, what do you see?


Maybe you noticed the pop or orange color from the nasturtiums.

Looking at the artichokes and flowers, I see years of vision, preparation, and nurturing care.

Years ago, I planted two tiny artichoke plants. I had no idea if they’d grow, nor did I realize how big they’d become.

I planted and waited.

I was amazed the tiny plants grew like they did. After their first year of growth, I had to move them. They had outgrown their space. Concerned they wouldn’t survive the transplant, they received extra loving care. I had no expectations other than to hope, watch, and wait.

I can’t help but think of so many other things in life that parallel these artichokes. We plant and wait. What sort of things are we growing?


Small business opportunities.


When you have a baby you have no idea who your child will become.

When you start a new job you have no idea how that business will provide for your family and bless others.

When you meet that new person you have no idea where your friendship will go or how together you may impact your community.

As we nurture and care for the small plantings of life we have no idea where it will take us.

Sitting here now, I can imagine someone penning a children’s book about an artichoke that became the focus of an Easter dinner.

Do you know what an artichoke represents? “Artichokes are an ancient vegetable full of symbolism. Artichokes have a tender heart at their core which is protected by strong layers of leaves. They represent hope, peace and prosperity.” (Chez Pluie)

What a perfect description for this Easter!

Hope. Peace. Prosperity. And at the center a TENDER HEART.

As you look at your kids, your family, your job, & your connections, may you remember the artichoke. If your tender heart is walled up and protected by layers, may you begin peeling the layers back. May we all look at nature around us and see more than what is visible.

May your day be blessed. And may your tender heart know there is One who planted you exactly where you are. May you be cared for & nurtured producing good fruit.

If you’d like to see how I served our artichokes, keep scrolling.

To cook the artichoke, bring a pot of water to boil. Place artichokes in the water and boil for 35 minutes or until you can easily pull out one of the lower leaves.

Lemon Butter
Melt ¼ cup of butter
Add 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil
Sprinkle with a pinch of salt.
Dip and Enjoy!

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