March 8, 2021
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Swipe Up: 9 Essential Oils to Stimulate Your Skin

I recently shared a post in my private essential oil group that has raised many questions.

The subject: DRY BRUSHING


How do you do it?

Is there a wrong way or a right way?

Why should we do it?

What type of brush should we use?

So many good questions!! I thought it would be a good idea for a post to explain some of the how’s and why’s of this beneficial skin treatment.

First off, where did the idea of dry brushing come from?

List of 5 benefits of Dry Brushing


Believe it or not this is not a new practice. I first learned about it a couple years ago when a dōTERRA friend introduced it to us along with a few recommended essential oils to use. Surprisingly, the technique of dry brushing has been used by ancient cultures to beautify the skin and remove toxins. Based on my research, I found Scandinavian, Russian, Greek and Japanese cultures have used this practice for centuries along with Ayurvedic medicine.

Our skin is our largest organ and works hard protecting us from toxins and removing toxins from the body. It is consistently rejuvenating and repairing so proper exfoliation is vital. Younger people in their teens and twenties naturally exfoliate, but those of us with a few more years need a little extra help.

And that’s where the dry brush comes in handy.


It is recommended to use a natural bristle brush and start at the feet and brush toward your heart. Always move toward the heart. This gentle, soothing treatment stimulates the lymphatic system and helps remove toxins while exfoliating dead, dry skin. Removing toxins helps to detox and reduce inflammation. In the long run it helps support your immune system. What a wonderful BENEFIT!  Your skin will glow and you’ll be healthier!


I remember when I was a kid and my brothers and I would take turns “brushing” each others forearms with a boar bristle brush. Before you think, “That sounds weird,” have you ever tried it? I can feel my eyes closing just thinking about how relaxing it was. For a child this is a great source of sensory integration. It’s the same for adults. Brushing up toward your heart is invigorating. When you brush toward your heart you direct the blood back toward the heart helping your circulatory system return blood to your heart and lungs to be re-oxygenated giving you a natural wake up. Add a drop of an energizing essential oil to your brush and you’ll be fully energized.


Do you have that natural glow? Or does your skin look tired and run down? Taking just 5 minutes twice a week can change the appearance of your skin. Do you visit an aesthetician regularly? I RARELY treat myself to a facial, but when I do, I walk out of the salon feeling as though my skin glows. It’s the same skin I walked into the salon with, but what’s the difference? The difference is I paid someone roughly $100 to clean up my face for the glow. The aesthetician exfoliates, removes impurities, hydrates and moisturizes our skin and we leave feeling radiant. I’m confident we could substantially improve the appearance of our skin IF we took a few extra minutes to dry brush (exfoliate), cleanse, hydrate (toner), and moisturize our largest organ.


This is such a fun topic… NOT! Haha! I have a teenage daughter and she recently brought up the topic of cellulite. Teenage girls start thinking about these things and in her words, “Everyone has cellulite!” Isn’t that discouraging? Eat well, exercise, and still battle the lumps and bumps. Well, the truth is, it’s a fact of life and there are things we can do to minimize the appearance outside of filters and air brushing. To prove to me everyone has it, she pulled up a photo of one who appears to have it all together… J. Lo. I’m gathering this photo had not been airbrushed OR they added some bumps to make the rest of us feel better knowing J. Lo may dip her toe in the Cottage Cheese Club too. But let’s be real, she’s stunning and works her booty off!! Even with all she does, what did we see in the candid pic… cellulite. Now maybe someone added it? I don’t know, but this is a common issue. I remember being a young, thin, fit teen wondering why my skin on my thighs had a somewhat dimply appearance. Too bad I didn’t know about dry brushing AND coffee scrubs! I’ll be posting a DIY Coffee Scrub soon!

If this is one of your battles, consider swiping up with your DRY BRUSH and stimulate your skin.


It’s the little things that help us alleviate stress.

  • slowing down breathing while following direction from a breathing app
  • taking a 20 minute walk
  • closing your eyes and praying
  • petting a cat or dog
  • dry brushing

This may surprise you, but because dry brushing is usually done just before you shower and you’re in a quiet place it becomes an act similar to meditating. Having the brush swipe in an upward motion is almost like a massage helping to alleviate tension and stress. As the brushing motion gets the blood flowing, it stimulates your nervous system.

Here are some tips on DRY BRUSHING. I hope you consider giving it a try. For resources on essential oils to dry WHILE dry brushing, continue reading!

List of 8 Tips for Optimal Dry Brushing


According to one of my favorite resources on all things essential oils, Hello Glow, they recommend 10 essential oils to support your lymphatic system giving you a desired healthy glow while also minimizing puffiness, firming the skin and stimulating a healthy flow of fluids.

The three recommended essential oils to reduce the appearance of puffiness are:

Juniper Berry, Fennel, and Geranium

Three Essential Oils to Reduce Puffiness Juniper Berry, Fennel, and Geranium


The three essential oils that promote skin toning are:

Grapefruit, Lemongrass, and Cedarwood

Three Essential Oils to Promote Tone Skin Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Cedarwood

In March 2021, Cedarwood is the FREE PRODUCT OF THE MONTH for current wholesale members who place a 125+ PV order. If you’re not familiar with the LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM, it’s a GREAT way to build your essential oil collection with FREE product!

The three essential oils + one rounding out our 10 recommendations are:

Rosemary, Black Pepper, Cypress, and Coffee essential oil

Three Essential Oils to Promote Blood Flow Black Pepper, Cypress, Rosemary


So, there you have the 9 essential oils recommended to stimulate circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and give your skin that special glow! For those interested in learning more about what it would look like to get started with a collection of these oils, click here.

This collection of oils will provide you with dozens of health and wellness uses for about the same cost as ONE TRIP to an aesthetician. AND I’d be happy to be your PERSONAL Wellness Advocate offering you more suggestions on how to use your oils!

If you already have essential oils and have questions about how to best put them to work in supporting your overall health, I’d love the opportunity to chat with you!

I hope you take five minutes this week to try DRY BRUSHING!

Be Brave!


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