February 24, 2021
Getting Started, Why DoTERRA?

Essential Oil Skeptic Eats Her Words

Everyone who uses dōTERRA essential oils has a story. Some folks in this industry relay phenomenal depictions describing how essential oils helped bring about miraculous health improvements.  I’ve watched in wonder as these folks tell their stories to gripped audiences hanging on their every word. Many of those listening are eager for help. They are filled with hope that supplements and oils could be the answer to what ails them.

Personally, I love a good story, but my oil story isn’t quite so intriguing. If essential oil wellness advocates were like television characters, some dōTERRA advocates can be likened to Mission Impossible’s Ethan Hunt SAVING THE DAY in a couple hours, while others are more like Laura Ingalls Wilder walking back and forth to Walnut Grove, year after year, helping people along the way while growing in fortitude as she faced adversity with Nellie Olsen now and again.

My story is less about spine tingling adventure and more about daily life on the farm filled with warm and cozy feelings, long talks with Pa, and character building. In fact, our family story of oils is rather bland and uneventful, but nevertheless like a good wholesome book filled with life’s everyday twists and turns, my dōTERRA journey has changed our lives remarkably over the last 7 years. We have been positively impacted and our emotional, physical, and financial well-being have improved immensely.

My story began with a young mom peddling oils with hopes of being able to earn enough to afford organic food for her kids. I watched her go from wanting pure & natural remedies to care for her family’s health to building an essential oil empire.

Before I share the basic reasons in FUTURE POSTS why most people love dōTERRA, I’ll share with you MY REASONS why dōTERRA grew to be my passion. You can find the basic reasons on any essential oil blog, but how did someone who was skeptical make the switch to essential oils and subsequently end up building a successful essential oil business?

I had publicly proclaimed I wanted NOTHING to do with multi-level marketing. The fact that I’m in a networking business at all is a miracle. Maybe you can relate. I once said when asking if anyone knew of a job opportunity, “Whatever you do, do not reach out to me with an MLM!” I guess I had to eat my words. And I can confidently say, God knew what he was doing as He orchestrated the events leading up to this moment in time.

Why doTERRA? The 4 Pillars: Purity, Sourcing, Heart, and Financial Freedom
dōTERRA’s 4 Pillars


As I mentioned, it all started with a young momma peddling oils. Or maybe it ALL STARTED AT CHURCH. Way back in 2010 or so, we attended a non-denominational church in Southern California. I was a mentor mom in a group called Nurture. This young momma, Carly, was one of the younger mommas I mentored. We became friends and in 2013 she told me about dōTERRA. She was so eager to provide the best, organic, whole food and supplements for her children. dōTERRA was a natural obsession for her. It aligned with her passions AND it provided an amazing business opportunity for her. She was starting out with a growing family, having babies, living in a tiny 2 bedroom beach city condo, and trying to supplement her family’s income by selling hand sewn goods on Etsy. She worked hard for little.


Me with Carly, The gal who introduced me to doTERRA
Me with Carly


As I mentioned, in 2013, she approached me to purchase oils. I recall I avoided the offer a couple times, until I finally gave in and bought two products, Oregano and Deep Blue Rub. If I’m honest, I didn’t purchase oils for us. Remember I was skeptical. What could they do that I wasn’t already doing through clean healthy living and exercise? I purchased them because I wanted to see Carly succeed. I knew buying two things wasn’t a big deal for her business, but having someone say YES is huge! AND I had a growth on my hand and we were an active CrossFit family. She assured me the Oregano would help my hand and the Deep Blue Rub would help our muscles. I wanted to support her and her endeavor, but had little interest and no idea how the oils would change our lives.

SIDE NOTE: Today I wouldn’t recommend a customer to start out the way I did. I started with a $35 wholesale membership + the two products. My total with tax + shipping was close to $100, not a smart financial decision, but as I mentioned I was super hesitant. I didn’t understand how a little bottle would impact our lives the way it did. A kit would have been a much smarter idea!

I began using the Oregano eo and my hand got better. The Deep Blue Rub was great for our muscles. Unlike other products on the market, it kept working for hours and hours, even throughout the night.

But that was it for my purchasing.

I didn’t order again for 6 months until dōTERRA had a Mother’s Day Special Collection of Balance, Serenity, andWhisper. dōTERRA sent me the email and I decided to treat myself.

These 3 oils changed my life.

See, I struggled with anxious feelings. CRAZY ANXIOUS FEELINGS! These oils helped me calm down. AND they helped my kids calm down at the end of the day.


Woman Smelling Flowers Everything is Gonna Be Alright Diffuser Blend 3 drops Balance 2 drops Serenity 1 drop Wild Orange
We’re In This Together


I was a busy and overwhelmed homeschool mom at the time and would drive from kid activity to kid activity battling heavy California traffic sniffing Serenity. Ahhhh… This action did cause my kids great embarrassment, but the oils worked so well! Surprisingly, I didn’t even have to apply the oils. All that needed to be done was to remove the lid and inhale. And a SENSE OF PEACE washed over me! That’s how incredible they are!

While I benefited from the effects of the mini trio, I didn’t order again for another 6 months.

Not the smartest move, and looking back, I kick myself that I didn’t recognize the opportunity sooner, but God’s timing. I have to trust His Providence.


Throughout 2014, I watched my young momma friend. I watched her grow into a leader. I watched her chase the dream and the business potential. I went to her classes and watched her present.

As I watched her, something inside of me thought, “I can do that.”

Around the same time I was looking for extra income. I actually needed a job. I’m a former teacher, but I didn’t want to go back into the classroom. I also sold real estate for 11 years, but the life of the Realtor is filled with spontaneous appointments. I wanted to be home with my kids. We live in Southern California and reality was I had to have some sort of a hustle to contribute to the family budget. We’ve always homeschooled and our kids played sports. I had bats to buy, dance lessons to pay for and books to purchase.

Before dōTERRA I sold items on eBay, but dōTERRA was a NEW opportunity.

I already loved the products. I knew they were powerful enough to change lives. I just had to take the leap of faith.

The next step was to open my mouth and begin telling people about what I experienced.

In November of 2014, my young momma friend invited me to a business opportunity meeting and I jumped.


These oils have changed our lives! They are what we turn to for health and wellness. dōTERRA has allowed me to stay home with our kids, work around our family schedule and earn an incredible income.

I remember the first year when I submitted our income tax paperwork to our accountant. I told her of my new job and she offered me a courtesy grin. You know that one… I probably gave Carly a courtesy grin until I realized the potential. Just as I doubted, I’m sure our accountant doubted much would come from this network marketing biz.

A couple years later, with enthusiasm she exclaimed with wonder how this little venture has turned into something amazing!

Over the last many years we’ve been able to help so many families with natural health remedies. Some of the families have the MIRACULOUS Mission Impossible stories I mentioned! Some have regular Little House stories like ours. Because of the oils and supplements, we’re SUPER HEALTHY and have been able to care for our health naturally since 2014. Because of the business, I’ve been able to be present with our family, bring home an incredible income, and help folks internationally with philanthropic projects (Checkout my posts at Braveheart Gives).

If you’re reading this and you have a dōTERRA story, I’d love to hear it! Are you and Ethan Hunt or a Laura Ingalls?

Have you been on the fence and skeptical about essential oils? Have you heard the Ethan Hunt-like stories that sound TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? Are you a tad bit curious? Are you a busy, stressed momma who could use a little calm? I’d love to send you a sample of the oils that changed my life! If that’s you, fill out this form and I’ll get a sample out to you.7 Reasons Why People Start a doTERRA Business: Gain Back Time, Financial Freedom, Support their family, Work from Home, Make Extra Income, Be Part of Something Big!

As our lives have been changed, I’m consistently looking for moms in the same place I was in. Moms who want to stay home, but also want to earn income. Are you willing to dive into the business side with me? It has been said, dōTERRA is not just an oil company, it’s a personal development program disguised at an essential oil company! If now is the time for you to step out, grow, and chase your dreams… Join me! We’d love to have you!

Thank you so much for reading this post!

May God Bless You Abundantly As You Step Out in Faith!

Be Brave!


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